About us


Getting the job done wherever, however, no matter how big or small.

Facilities Services aim to provide the highest level of services, which include Cleaning Services, Security Services, Tree Lopping and the operation of a Utility Call Center. The Utility Call Center is operational since April 2017 and offers a 24/7 call services to both CEB & CWA customers through their hotlines.

We place importance on the recruitment, vetting and on-going training of our people. We deliver all Facilities Management services through directly employed, suitably trained and qualified people. Our Facilities Management solutions are innovative in their design, ensuring that our clients receive a bespoke service in line with the specific requirement.

Our Facilities Management solutions include:

  • Building Upkeep
  • Security
  • Manned guarding teams
  • Call Center
  • Vegetation Management
Our Mission

The mission of CEB (FACILITIES) Co Ltd is to equip employees with the right skills set so that they can deliver to a high level of service; to be the first choice service provider for all facilities; to strive for constant improvement in our services and to provide whatever services the Central Electricity Board needs to support its mission.

Our Vision

The Vision of CEB (FACILITIES) Co Ltd is to provide great customer service to its customers.
The Facilities Management Division is a team that
• Encourages innovation
• Trusts and empowers staff
• Has open communication
• Strives for excellence and effectiveness

Our Values

• To be honest and have integrity
• To create and develop sustainability in staffing, policies and equipment
• To be accountable for our actions and be good stewards of our personnel and resources
• To create, promote and maintain a safe and healthy work environment

Our Clients