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Renewable Energy Projects

In 2010, the Central Electricity Board (CEB), in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, opened up the access to the national electricity grid through the launching of the Small Scale Distributed Generation (SSDG) project.

Through this initiative, Small Scale Independent Power Producers (SIPPs) are being given the opportunity to produce their own electricity from renewable energy sources, and export any excess to the CEB grid

For the SSDG project to be feasible, a Grid Code has been established to permit the integration of photovoltaic, wind turbine, and mini-hydro technologies within the CEB grid.

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The SSDG project, however, only caters for low voltage connected renewable energy systems, with capacities of less than 50 kW. This 50 kW technical limit was set following a consultancy exercise funded by the UNDP. For renewable energy projects with capacities of greater than 50 kW, they have to be connected to the medium voltage network (22kV) and, accordingly, they do not fall within the ambit of the SSDG Grid Code.

In this respect, two new Grid Codes have been established by the CEB to allow the integration of Medium Scale Distributed Generation (MSDG) projects, which comprise larger capacity photovoltaic, wind turbine, mini-hydro, and biomass electricity generation systems.

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