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CEB SSDG Net-Billing Scheme - Promoting green and renewable energy

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An overview of the project
This project, announced in the 2018/19 Budget Speech, aims to promote renewable energy by allowing residential customers (who consume up to 100 kWh per month, and are in tariff categories 110, 120 and 140) to produce their own electricity from renewable energy sources.

The new SSDG project will be implemented in three phases, spread over a period of 3 years. The first phase involves the installation of 250 solar panels for free on the roof of residential customers. Thereafter, 750 installations will be carried out during the second year and, finally, there will be 1,500 installations during the last year.

Thus, all in all, 2 500 solar photovoltaic kits (with a capacity of 2 kWp each) will be integrated into the electricity grid of the CEB.

Depending on their consumption, the 2,500 residential customers, selected according to pre-defined criteria to participate in this project, will be able to benefit up to 100 units (kWh) of electricity for free every month for a period of 20 years.

Thus, in line with the prevailing tariffs, selected customers with electricity consumption not exceeding 100 kWh per month will have all their electricity free.

Please note that applications for this project will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Essential information

If you want to benefit from this project, you must indicate your interest by sending an SMS to 59 54 59 54 by typing your last name [space] and your electricity account number. You will be able to send your SMS as from 31 May 2019 (NB: the cost of the SMS will be applied by the operators).

In the even your application is accepted, you must complete and submit the application form , and the following documents:
(i) The identity card (or passport) of the applicant, as well as the one of the holder of the electricity account;
(ii) The incumbent's most recent electricity bill; and
(iii) The title deed or lease agreement of the premises where the solar kit will be installed.

Note: In the case of rented accommodation, the following documents are required: -
- A copy of the deed of ownership;
- The identity card (or passport) of the owner; and
- A letter confirming the owner's agreement for the installation of the solar PV kit on the roof or on any other suitable location.

Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected.
The application process
After having indicated your interest by SMS, an eligibility test will be carried out. Thereafter, if you are eligible, one of our agents will call you back to complete the formalities in one of CEB Customer Service Centres.

The application form, duly completed and accompanied by all the required documents, must be submitted to a Customer Service Centre.
You must ensure that you have a notification number when registering your application.
  • Customers who have already benefited from a CEB solar kit will not be eligible; and

  • Applications from non-eligible customers will not be retained.

Terms and conditions of the project
The investment, operation and maintenance costs for this project will be entirely borne by the CEB. Thus, the customers that will be selected will be completely free from any financial or operational risk associated with the project.

By participating in this project, any eligible customer will receive a monthly discount on their electricity bill. This reduction, in the form of a credit (rebate), will be recorded on the customer's electricity account and will appear on his monthly electricity bill.

For more information on the terms and conditions of the project, please contact one of CEB Customer Service Centres.
Who are eligible?
All residential customers in Tariff 110, 120 and 140, with an average monthly consumption of not more than 100 kWh, may apply to participate in the project, provided they are not in dispute and / or have no debt vis-à-vis the CEB.

To be aware of your electricity tariff, please consult your most recent bill or contact one of CEB Customer Service Centres.

The average monthly consumption is based on the twelve electricity bills covering period May 2018 to April 2019.

Customers found in Tariff 110A or those who have already benefited from a CEB solar kit will not be considered for this project.
The benefits are many, including:
Les bénéfices sont multiples, dont notamment:
  • A significant reduction in your electricity bill over a period of 20 years.
  • According to prevailing electricity tariffs, if your monthly electricity bill does not exceed Rs 433 / - you will have nothing to pay.
  • Cover against any possible rise in electricity tariffs.
  • Zero financial risk; it is therefore not necessary to secure a loan or to inject your own capital because the investment cost will be entirely incurred by the CEB.
  • No need to worry about the operation and maintenance of the PV solar installation as the CEB will take on this responsibility.
  • The customer will not be penalized if the installation fails or is not operational due to a fault in the electricity grid.
  • Active contribution to the conservation and protection of the environment through lower usage of fossil fuels.
What are the conditions to fulfill?
All those who want to participate in this project must meet the following administrative criteria:
  • Your electricity consumption must cover a 12-month cycle.
  • The customer must have an active electricity account in their his/her name; otherwise the legal consent of the person / entity holding the electricity account will be mandatory;
  • The customer must be the owner or holder of a long-term lease for the premises where the PV solar kit will be installed. If the building belongs to a third party, a signed consent letter will be required. In both cases, the title deed of the property is mandatory;
  • The premises where solar photovoltaic kits will be installed must not be unoccupied;
  • An area of at least 20 square metres must be provided on the roof of the premises. The space must be easily accessible and un-shaded;
  • Free access to the roof and installation is mandatory at all times;
  • The client must not be in dispute with the CEB;
  • The client must not be indebted to the CEB; and
  • The selected customer or third party, if applicable, must agree to the terms and conditions of the installation contract prior to proceeding with the technical evaluation of his or her premises.
In addition to the above, the installation of the solar kit will be done only to the satisfaction of all the technical criteria that will be communicated to the applicant during the evaluation of his or her premises.

Note Other conditions may be added if necessary.

More details about the project
For more details on the project,

- Please call the Customer Service Centres of the CEB. The Contact numbers are displayed on the back of your electricity bill.

- For all technical information, send your request to the following address: customerservice@ceb.intnet.mu

                                                         Applications will be processed on a

                                                         FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS

                                                       Only 2,500 installations are available

                                             Save time by downloading the application form

                                              You can send your SMS as from 31 May 2019