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Street Lighting Tariff (A) & Traffic Lights Tariff (B)
Tariff 510- Tariff applicable to Municipal, District and Village Councils for Street Lighting purposes & Traffic Lights.

Tariff Unmetered Flat Charge per kWh Minimum Charge
510 A Rs. 7.82 based on no. of hrs of operation and the total wattage of lamps installed Based on the wattage of lamps connected, or 25% of the amount paid during the month preceding a cyclone, whichever is the higher
510 B Rs. 7.82, based on 24 hrs per day and the total wattage of the maximum no. of lamps lighting at any time 25% of the amount paid during the month preceding a cyclone

Tariff 510 A
Hours of operation: Based on the sum of the hours of darkness in the current month between the daily times of the sunset and sunrise as published by the Meteorological Department. For billing purposes the number of hours of darkness for each month shall be as follows:
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
335 316 366 371 398 392 401 389 360 354 328 331
Security Deposit
Not Applicable